Wednesday 10 July 2024

Retirement of Office 365 E3 developer subscription

 Recently I received error message in my mobile's outlook saying that there is issue connecting my E3 developer account. I thought due to password change it might occur. But when I tried to login in the browser, it showed same error. Then I rushed to check in my outlook email that was connected with the developer program to find out if I got any notice for the subscription renewal. Generally, I got message for renewal and I used it for some POC and it was auto renewed. But this time the message was bit different. It states like below:

We noticed that you have an active Office 365 E3 developer subscription through your membership in the Microsoft 365 Developer Program.

The Microsoft 365 Developer Program no longer supports the Office 365 E3 developer offering, and your existing subscription will no longer be renewed after April 3, 2024. Please check out the Microsoft 365 Developer Program dashboard to see the expiration dates for your E3 subscription.