Friday 24 August 2018

List ribbon not load issue in Office 365

Recently, we have a strange issue. The list was not showing ribbon tabs default. There are many reasons I found for this behavior, like

  • Permission issue - we have site collection access
  • custom script to stop ribbon load - we have checked there was no custom coding done.

Then we found a blog stating that even if you add any custom webpart in list / library page, the ribbon lost its focus from main webpart. So it won't show. Andd it was true. we have added a legal text in our list heading using content editor webpart.


So what is solution to bring it back? Below is code sample that we added in our page for loading ribbon tab on page load.

window.onload = function(){
  var elem = document.getElementById("MSOZoneCell_WebPartWPQ2");
  if (elem != null) {
      var dummyevent = new Array();
      dummyevent["target"] = elem;
      dummyevent["srcElement"] = elem;;
//code to click browse button

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