Sunday 11 December 2022

Video Embed using YouTube webpart in SharePoint Online Modern Page

 Recently our client provided us company anniversary video and asked us if we could add it to SharePoint online site and showcase the result. So, I thought about what the options available are. And I am writing this blog to showcase the options available and their advantages and limitations. Let’s see the options first:

Let's see how we can use the YouTube webpart in detail:

YouTube is an open source for most companies for sharing content. If the video can be shared publicly, you can use this option.

  • Step 1 - Once you upload & publish the video to YouTube, copy the video URL.

  • Step 2 - Now add the YouTube webpart to the modern page.

  • Step 3 - In settings, provide the video URL.

  • Step 4 - Once the video is loaded, the remaining options will be enabled. You can set the start time, set if you want to show controls, etc.

  • Step 5 - You can provide a caption below the video if you want.

  • Step 6 - Save the page.

  • Step 7 - The video will render as below:


  • Video is available to all users.
  • The video takes full section width.
  • Video provides
    you with expected functionality like showing thumbnails and providing a play icon. On the play icon click, and the video starts.
  • You can provide multiline captions below the video.
  • When you add a video to the YouTube Channel, you can provide custom thumbnails and subtitle details.


  • If the video is private, this option might not be available for you. Also, there is no permission control for this webpart.
  • YouTube owns all rights to the source. For any reason, there is conflict, YouTube can block your video, and this might break the webpart.
  • There are no additional details you can showcase with the video. For example, like or comment count. 

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