Wednesday 12 July 2017

Activate Dynamics 365 in Office 365

Recently I have a POC task in Dynamics 365. And I spent some time as I din't know how to activate it. Follow below steps to activate dynamics 365:

  • Create Office 365 account (It must be E5 instance. E3 instance do not provide this functionality).
  • Once set up you will be able to see dynamics 365 installed.

  • But you can't start diging it out directly. There is bit configuration you need to add for activating it.
  • First click on admin icon to open admin center.

  • Now click on users.

  • In this you will see our user. select it.

  • In panel, click edit button on "Product licence".

  • Enable the Dynamics 365. Click save.


  • Now you will be able to see dynamics 365 in admin center. Click on it to open Dynamics365.

  • Select your required template. Click on complete set up.

  • Once setup, you will see Dynamics 365 Administration center.

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